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Hearing Products

Hearing Aids

In our experience, we have learned that there is no single hearing aid manufacturer that can provide hearing aids suitable for everyone. Each person’s hearing loss is unique. Each person’s hearing and communication needs are unique. In order to select the most appropriate hearing aids for our patients, we strive to maintain up-to-date knowledge about the technology and features available from different manufacturers.

We offer the entire range of styles and levels of technology from the world’s five major manufacturers and others. These are listed below in alphabetical order:

Custom Earmolds

We use several laboratories to build custom earmolds. As it is with hearing aid manufacturers, we have found that some labs are better than others for certain types of custom earmolds.

We provide custom products for:

  • Hearing aids
  • Water protection (swim plugs)
  • Industrial noise protection
  • Construction noise protection
  • Musician’s ear protection
  • Musician’s earphones
  • Personal listening devices (iPods, MP3, and CD players)
  • Firearm ear protection
  • Airline pilot communication devices
  • Transcriptionists
  • Policemen communication devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) for:

We do not expect hearing aids to solve hearing problems in every single listening situation. Often a combination of assistive listening devices and hearing aids enable our patients to function successfully in their daily lives. We carry an array of assistive listening devices, such as the Bluetooth “streamer” for phones and inductive loop systems for television. This helps our patients maintain an important connection with others and the world.

Television: Wireless amplifier systems (FM, infrared, induction loop) Telephone and cell phone: Amplifiers, bluetooth wireless systems Personal FM systems: For meetings, classrooms, lectures, and difficult listening situations

Alerting Devices

Alerting devices either produce a loud ring or flash lights or both. These are of particular importance for people who cannot hear alerting signals with or without their hearing aids.

  • Telephone
  • Doorbell
  • Smoke detectors
  • Baby monitor


Alliance Audiology is partnered with Concord Otolaryngology to provide alternative hearing options for those who were told that nothing could be done to restore their hearing.

Bone-anchored hearing devices are surgically implanted by an ear surgeon then programmed and adjusted by an audiologist. The digital hearing system works by analyzing sound then converting it into vibration, which stimulates the skull and inner ear.

Bone-anchored hearing devices are made by:

Oticon Medical and Cochlear

They are an excellent option for people with single-sided deafness or medical conditions that prevent the use of hearing aids.  A complete audiological evaluation and otolaryngological evaluation will need to be completed to determine your candidacy.

Tinnitus Devices

  • Oasis Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment Device
  • Tinnitus maskers
  • Hearing aids
  • Sound conditioners
  • Sound sleep pillows
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